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Jessica Trotter

Jessica Trotter

Born and raised in the suburbs of Metro Detroit, Jessica lives with her husband and three children: twin boys and their younger sister. She is a stay at home mom, freelance writer, virtual assistant and the Vice President of her Moms of Multiples Chapter. During the Fall you can catch her and her family at a Michigan State football tailgate or taking her kids swimming in the summer. She loves being a creative. Whether its crafting, painting or just plain getting messy with her children!

Handling Your Child’s First Heartbreak-main

Handling Your Child’s First Heartbreak

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As parents, we have this natural instinct to want to protect our children from everything.  But realistically we know that is not possible and if we are being honest, the best learning experience we ever…

How to Throw a SUPER Super Hero Party

How to Throw a SUPER Super Hero Party

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Super Hero parties are the best!  Not only can you get to pretend to be your favorite super hero character but there are just so many different and fun elements that you can bring into…


The Amazing Benefits of Summer Camp (besides having loads of fun)

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Sure, summer camps are super fun!  Not only can your kids do fun and new activities while enjoying all that nature has to offer but they can make amazing friendships that last a lifetime too. …

Making that Disney World Magic more Magical1

Making that Disney World Magic more Magical

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Everyone knows that the most magical place on earth is Disney World.  There is nothing more amazing that watching your children be delighted in all that they can see and do there.  There is something…

Night Time Potty Training

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Night time potty training sucks.  I should know.  I’m right in the thick of it.  At least when you are potty training during the day, accidents are pretty obvious and easy to recognize.  At night,…

Finding Your Parenting Village_meetup

Finding Your Parenting Village

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Let’s be honest.  Parenting is hard.  Harder than what we ever expected.  So to make this new adventure go a bit smoother is by finding your parenting village.  Having a support system is so helpful,…

Best Travel Destinations with Kids in Tow

Best Travel Destinations with Kids in Tow

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Traveling with kids isn’t as stressful as one may think.  It is actually quite amazing.  There is something about traveling with children that almost makes you feel like a kid again.  Seeing the excitement in…

Yummy and Delicious After-School Snacks that are Parent and Kid Approved3-Strawberry & Banana Smoothie

Yummy and Delicious After-School Snacks that are Parent and Kid Approved

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When your kids are home from school for the day, they can seem like ravenous creatures in the wild waiting to pounce on anything that is a sugary treat.  They go straight for the potato…

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