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Creative weekend. Inspired involved positive children sitting in the studio and having painting lesson while expressing happiness and painting

Why Having Hobbies is Important

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Sometimes as parents we get so wrapped up as our roles as caregiver and provider that we forget to nourish our own spirits. At home we care for our children, at work we do our…

Backyard Activities for Toddlers

Backyard Activities for Toddlers

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Summer is here! The sun is shining, the weather is warm and – oh – you should probably take your kid outside. Saying so is easy, finding ways to entertain a foot-loose and fancy-free toddler…

The Benefits of Stretching_main

The Benefits of Stretching

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Our bodies are built to be flexible but there are days, especially as parents, that we feel anything but bendy and fluid. If you find yourself struggling to grab something you’ve dropped on the floor,…

How Exercise Will Improve Your Overall Health 2

How Exercise Will Improve Your Overall Health

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Regular exercise is often touted as a way to “stay in shape” or “keep fit”. The truth is, exercising will do more for your health than just change your appearance. Here are several excellent reasons…

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