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1200 674 Sean K

How many times have you watched bowls of cheerios crumble to the floor or spaghetti splatter to the ground only to have your baby laugh at your misfortune? Moms and dads know this very scenario…

Coordinating Your Busy Family

Coordinating Your Busy Family

1200 900 Chelsy Theriault

Autumn brings with it a busy time of year spent coordinating school, work, activities and family time. If you have a busy family that seems to be traveling in different directions constantly, you know how…

Creative weekend. Inspired involved positive children sitting in the studio and having painting lesson while expressing happiness and painting

Why Having Hobbies is Important

1600 1067 Chelsy Theriault

Sometimes as parents we get so wrapped up as our roles as caregiver and provider that we forget to nourish our own spirits. At home we care for our children, at work we do our…

Weaning from Breastfeeding

Weaning from Breastfeeding

900 600 Chelsy Theriault

A baby is considered weaned when he or she stops breastfeeding and gets all of their nutrition from other sources than the breast. Weaning can also be applied to bottle-fed babies but most often the…

Backyard Camp-The Perfect Night Time Activity

Backyard Camp-Outs: The Perfect Night Time Activity

1600 1067 Chelsy Theriault

Summer is coming to a close, but there is still time to take advantage of the warm weather by having a camp-out right in your own backyard! Camping in the great outdoors is a quintessential…

Handling Your Child’s First Heartbreak-main

Handling Your Child’s First Heartbreak

900 600 Jessica Trotter

As parents, we have this natural instinct to want to protect our children from everything.  But realistically we know that is not possible and if we are being honest, the best learning experience we ever…

Active Listening

Active Listening – How to Communicate with Your Child

1024 611 Chelsy Theriault

Communicating with our children can be a difficult task at time. Oftentimes while we feel like they are not listening to us, they feel like we are not listening to them. Good listening and communication…

4 Secrets for a Healthy Bedtime Routine

4 Secrets for a Healthy Bedtime Routine

1600 947 Chelsy Theriault

Bedtime routines and rituals are important for most children in establishing positive sleep patterns and in developing a sense of security and stability. Establishing a bedtime routine can also provide predictability and a comforting, familiar…

How to Throw a SUPER Super Hero Party

How to Throw a SUPER Super Hero Party

1600 1212 Jessica Trotter

Super Hero parties are the best!  Not only can you get to pretend to be your favorite super hero character but there are just so many different and fun elements that you can bring into…

The Benefits of Stretching_main

The Benefits of Stretching

1600 1067 Chelsy Theriault

Our bodies are built to be flexible but there are days, especially as parents, that we feel anything but bendy and fluid. If you find yourself struggling to grab something you’ve dropped on the floor,…

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