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Creative weekend. Inspired involved positive children sitting in the studio and having painting lesson while expressing happiness and painting

Why Having Hobbies is Important

1600 1067 Chelsy Theriault

Sometimes as parents we get so wrapped up as our roles as caregiver and provider that we forget to nourish our own spirits. At home we care for our children, at work we do our…


Learn From Nature

1000 667 Chelsy Theriault

In an age where internet and television seem to overtake every spare moment of our children’s lives, it is more important now than ever to help our child develop a healthy connection with nature and…

Best Travel Destinations with Kids in Tow

Best Travel Destinations with Kids in Tow

1000 667 Jessica Trotter

Traveling with kids isn’t as stressful as one may think.  It is actually quite amazing.  There is something about traveling with children that almost makes you feel like a kid again.  Seeing the excitement in…

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